Bonnyrigg Garden Centre

Bonnyrigg Garden Centre

This year I want to take you behind the scenes a little, to show you what I get up to when the cameras are off…and I am going to turn them on and include them in a regular Vlog!

This behind the scenes journey begins with one of my favourite spots outside of my home city of Sydney, a garden supply store with a difference..!
Bonnyrigg Garden Centre is just like a garden wonderland. It is more than 50 years young and is full of colourful flowers, fresh potted herbs and isn’t just for the green thumb, but also sells landscape supplies for the professionals.

chef Vincenzo holding food containers in Bonnyrigg Garden Centre

I am really lucky to have the opportunity to supply to Café Harvest which is deep inside, with my delicious cakes weekly and I always take some time out when making my deliveries because the beautiful surroundings of the garden really invite you in and make you stop….and smell the roses…haha

Check out my Vlog and take a look inside for yourself…

Bonnyrigg Garden Centre Vincenzo’s Plate Vlog

Want to know more? Check them out here:
Or on Instagram @cafeharvest

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