Best Pasta to Buy in Store

Best Pasta to Buy in Store

Ever thought about what the difference is between all of the varieties of dry pasta you find on the shelf of your supermarket? Check out this short video with some advice on what pasta is better for you -and how you can tell just by looking at it!

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Ciao Amici,

When I was in Italy a couple of years ago, I had the pleasure of visiting a few factories in Abruzzo where they produce their own pasta. It was pretty incredible to see so many different shapes and sizes coming out of the machines they had – big and small. It was a great experience that allowed me to learn about and appreciate dry pasta soooo much more.

While I was there, the main thing I took away, was that if processes close to the way you would naturally dry pasta are followed, then the pasta can still actually be very good for you (without being wholegrain or plant-based)!

As dry pasta is an essential item in most pantries around the world (I mean, honestly, who doesn’t have a couple of packets at the moment?) but it’s super easy to get confused when you visit your local supermarket because there are an ENDLESS amount of brands to choose from!

Personally, even though I love making my own pasta, sometimes I just don’t have the time and creating something quick and easy is much more realistic (just being honest with you my friends!) so I use a packet of dry pasta.

All of this brings me to some advice I want to share – with the fact that dry pasta has become a staple in households, how do you pick a brand that is actually good for you and your family to eat, while at the same time tastes delicious? The answer is much simpler than you think – it’s all about the…COLOUR!

The more yellow a pasta is, the quicker is has been dried (and pretty much burnt) so all of the vitamins, proteins and minerals have been completely stripped out. Hold at least 3 different packets of pasta next to one another and you’ll be able to notice how different they are from some being a much darker yellow to others being lighter and some almost white!

When they are lighter in colour, they are usually dried at a much lower temperature, for a longer period of time meaning the quality is maintained at a much higher standard – and this means, they’ll more than likely be easier for your body to digest (another clue is the cooking time will probably be longer too).

So, it’s really pretty easy, next time you are at your local deli or supermarket buying pasta, pick a few varieties, hold them next to each other and compare – the lightest coloured one, which may also be pricier, is likely to stack up better when it comes to nutrition, so it’s your choice!

Keep in mind this won’t compare to egg-based dry pasta, which you can also buy in the packet..but that’s a whole different story altogether!

If you want to share your thoughts or maybe some of your favorite pasta brands, leave a comment below, I would love to hear from you!

Eat well and stay safe amici…and try some of my delicious recipes…

E ora si mangia….Vincenzo’s Plate…Enjoy!

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